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Marianne Impal




*** 2016 Update:  "Since its release in early 2012, I am proud to hear the extremely positive feedback I've been receiving from this very simple little treasure called, Meditation for Kids & Teens.  What started as the easy steps I used to teach girls during self-esteem activities, has transformed itself into a CD that not only kids and teens use, but many parents and adults."

MAIN BENEFIT:  Freedom.  This CD offers a sense of independence to incorporate throughout your daily life. Once these 5 EASY techniques are learned, you won't be dependent on having to listen to the tracks over and over again.

Easy Techniques.  Low Price.  Available in digital download thru CD Baby. 


Marianne created this easy-to-use CD with YOUR child in mind. As someone who has practiced the art of Meditation, Yoga Philosophy, Self-Esteem and healing Body Work for many years; it has always been her passion to share what she knows. A Yoga Instructor for over 15 years, Marianne has devoted much time into teaching Meditation to people of all ages, but finds the most satisfaction when teaching kids and teens. As a Mom of two girls, it has always been her passion to teach kids to "practice" positive life skills at a young age, and therefore has created many motivational and inspirational activities & products over the years to help encourage the practice of positive Self-Esteem. "My job is not to take you as far as I've been, but to take you further than you can imagine." Marianne Impal