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*** This program was proudly used in the Gwynedd Mercy Girls Academy, Health & Wellness Program.

Y.E.S. stands for Youth Empowerment for Self-esteem

An easy teachers outline in hosting a fool-proof and successful workshop to promote self-esteem in adolescent girls. Includes:

  • Strategic poses and self-esteem activities to produce a more tangible yoga workshop.
  • Not only yoga basics, but re-defines what self-worth means to a child, by showing them in physical and tangible ways.
  • Parent/Teacher waivers, cheat sheet, facts & tidbits, class evaluations and more.

​With the many distractions kids hear on a day to day basis, their minds are consistently cluttered with listening skills, reading skills and to-do lists.  Y.E.S. focuses directly on the physical, so kids cannot help but engage, learn and feel something they never forget.

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